Critical analysis of NGOs in India

Published: 25th May 2010
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Even though India is a fast growing nation it also holds the record for thousands of people dying of starvation and acute hunger. NGOs in India are trying their best to some how bring all of such things at the normal level. They are feeding the poor and needy people of the country. They are also imparting quality education to the children's of the poor families.

They are the champions in eradicating all kind of troubles. They are providing quality service to all sections in the time of need. By properly utilizing their resources they are saving lives of many thousands of people from possible deaths.

Social service undertaken by them is also remarkable. They are always the first to come with assistance at the times of adversity. In most of the cases they would be providing the needy people with clothes and foods. Even in some of the cases they would be building houses for the weaker sections of the society.

Most of the programs of NGOs in India are not limited to the weaker section alone. Still, more emphasis needs to be given to the downtrodden group of people to bring them at par with the good life style of the educated masses.

Most of the organizations in India are committed in fixing the real problem that is hampering the growth of the nation. They want equal footing by all the sections of people living in the country. Consequently, they are working towards achieving their goal, which is of liberating as much people as possible from the vicious circle of poverty.

They do it by imparting education to both the children and adults who are illiterate and come from the poor families. They are the true agents which check the equal distribution of aids towards the recipients.

India NGOs also voice for the needs of the weaker sections. They are the savior and granter of each and everything for all the people who have no say in the society.

India being a very vast country needs such people. Government of the country also needs such service desperately. They are in fact the only option for bringing the downtrodden people on the arena of successful livelihood.

With their quality free education most of the people from the destitute sections are able to take up jobs in various venues. Children and educational NGOs in India are doing good work for the welfare of the country. Not only are they imparting education to the children, they are also protecting and giving quality environment to all the kids for a warm childhood life.

Practical difficulties that the government faces in reaching the far off areas of the country are also overcome by them. They ease the responsibilities of the government in handling all the possible internal problems. Hundreds of welfare programs are organized and run by most of the NGOs in India solely for the purpose of the welfare of the country.

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